WiFiKill APK Download Android App (Latest Version) 2024

Download WiFiKill APK Latest Version For Android:

Do you want to download WiFiKill Apk and want to know how to install it properly on your Android device? Do you want to get rid out of the number of users connected to your WiFi network? Yeah, you want this.

Are you planning to kill your friends and neighbor’s WiFi? Yeah, you want this.

You need to use an Android app that can solve your problem in just a few seconds. Here I’m going to give you the ultimate solution to this problem.


WiFiKill Apk 2024

App Namewifikill_2.3.2.apk
App Size485.02KB
App Version2.3.2
App Type.apk
Total Downloads2,000,000+

Let me tell explain What WiFiKill app is and how you can download it on your device without facing a single problem.

Queries will cover in this article:

  1. Importance of WiFi Kill.
  2. Introduction of WiFiKill Latest Version.
  3. Features of the WiFiKill App.
  4. How to download and Install WiFiKill For Android?
  5. How to use WiFi Kill Apk?

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What Is WiFiKill Apk?

wifikill apk

WiFiKill Apk

WiFiKill Apk is an app for those people who have an Android device in their hands, and they want to take control of the users who are currently connected to their WiFi Network. So that they can remove them easily after getting the hold on it; this way, the WiFi network speed will get higher.

This is the main reason that this app has a powerful community worldwide with the number of downloads and positive feedback. That’s why you want to use this app to resolve your issue at best.

Introduction of WiFiKill Apk

WiFiKill App can take charge of the users who are connected to your WiFi, and they used your WiFi; that’s why you are getting less speed as compared to the fast speed.

After taking charge on their devices, you can disconnect their devices from WiFi with this app killers process.

It initiates the killing process when you take charge of their devices.

The working procedure of this app is first to check the number of users who are currently connected to your WiFi network, then giving you charge over it.

After this, you can easily remove them from getting higher speed because No. Of Connections = Less Speed.

This app was designed to get a faster Internet connection after killing some users to your WiFi Network. It’s fun using this app.

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Kill means you can disable your friend’s connection quickly for some time.

Here is another question that can be raised by the audience that why should I need WiFiKill latest version app if I have a very good Internet connection?

Then you should keep in mind my formula that the higher numbers of users, the lesser speed you will get. I hope you have cleared your mind now.

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Features of WiFiKill Apk

After reading its Introduction, you are curious to know about its more features so that you could able to download and install this useful app on your device. Here you go,

  1. Once you installed this app on your Android device, it searches the connected WiFi network list.
  2. It shows the data grabbing devices because it monitors and tracks the download and upload limit.
  3. WiFiKill Apk has two main functionalities that are Grab and Kill.
  4. It is a root APK which works on the tablets as well.
  5. It runs on the 4.0+ Android versions.
  6. WiFi Grab: This is the most useful feature of this app that attaches to the devices and checks how they are communicating with the network. It can grab all information, including IP Address, Up and Down Speed, MAC Address, and Manufacturer name as well.
  7. WiFiKill Apk: After grabbing the attached devices and their details, the killing process begins to disconnect the devices from the WiFi Network.

Now you came to know its best two main functionalities, which empower this app more. Trust me; you will not be disappointed after installing this app on your device.

The more user-friendly and you can make fun of it. Even you can use this app as a prank, pranking your friends to chill out the environment for some time. Have Fun!

Download and Install WiFiKill Apk

Hopefully, you have read the information mentioned above about the most useful app WiFiKill latest version, and you are going to download this app on your device for having fun.

Download WiFiKill 2.3.2 Apk

You have to follow few steps to use this app on your device. Here you go,

  • As you know, this is a third-party app, and you need to go settings -> security -> Unknown Sources. As you can see, the below image.WifiKill ApkWiFiKill Apk
  • It has two versions available WiFiKill V1.7 & WiFiKill V2.3.2.
  • Download one of them.
  • Go to the download directory and click on the downloaded APK file.
  • Now complete the installation process after downloading it.
  • Installation completed? Now start using it.

That’s all from here. Now you are ready to use this app on your device and start killing your most unwanted people’s WiFi network. Let’s do fun by using it. 😛

How to Use WiFiKill Apk App?

Here is the guide about WiFiKill Apk that how can you use it on your system. Follow the below steps to use it correctly.

WiFiKill Apk
WiFiKill Apk

  • Now tap on the play button.

WiFiKill APK
WiFiKill Apk

  • You have to grant ROOT permission for this app.

WiFiKill APK
WiFiKill Apk

  • Now you can see the list of connected devices to your WiFi Network.

WiFiKill APK
WiFiKill Apk

  • You have to tap on the Grab All button to attach all the devices.

WiFiKill APK
WiFiKill Apk

  • Now start killing the devices by clicking on the Kill All button.

That’s it from this section. It is super easy to use this app. Make fun of your friends.

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Final Words: WiFiKill Apk

That’s all from this article, which is all about the WiFiKill Apk downloading and installing guide. This article covers each and everything about WiFiKill Apk.

All set! You can use this app for your primary purpose to get more speed by killing other’s WiFi connection to your network.

Moreover, you can use it as a prank app. I mean to say you can prank your friends for some time that you have a magic power to kill their Internet connection without taking their mobiles in hand.

Also, this app is a sort of blessing that you can easily kill someone’s WiFi connection. It’s my humble request not to use this app for a bad purpose. It can ruin your life.

Well, If you still have queries, then put them down in the comment section below so that I can resolve your issue regarding it in no minutes. Please stay tuned for further amazing articles.

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