PPSSPP Gold Apk [PSP Emulator] Latest Version For Android 2024

Download PPSSPP Gold Apk Latest Version For Android:

If you’re wanting to download the PPSSPP gold apk file and looking for the latest version so that you can enjoy every Feature, then you are on the right page. Here on this page, You can easily download the newest version of PPSSPP gold apk file. Just scroll down this webpage and read instructions carefully.


PPSSPP Gold Apk 2024

Do you love to play mobile games? If you are one, then there is an excellent app for you.

PPSSPP is the name of the Emulator, which is used for performing PSP games in high definition on your mobile devices.

This article is going to help Game Lovers who love to play games but can’t afford the expensive budget to buy such games. That’s why they can’t be able to play.

Finally, we have got an APK for mobile devices that can play games after intimating games’ software functions in better quality. In this way, you have taken control over a timescale.

The name of this gaming emulator is PPSSPP Gold Apk.

ppsspp gold apk


Let’s know about this app below that what’s the best feature it has that make this app useful.

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ppsspp gold apk


Didn’t get what does the PPSSPP means? No worries, the PPSSPP is an acronym of PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portable as mobile devices are portable devices.

PPSSPP was developed by the most exceptional person Henrik Rydgard in 2012. This app is available in 38 different languages of the world. It means everyone in their native language can use it.

An emulator is a kind of software that knows the game’s hardware functions then plays its games on another device illegally. The function gives a cheat code to the system and makes it in better quality.

What Is PPSSPP Gold Apk?

ppsspp gold apk


PPSSPP Gold Apk is the best gaming emulator that plays a number of PSP games on your devices. This application has almost 25 Million downloads worldwide on the iOS and Android platforms.

Unfortunately, this application is not available on the Google Play store because it is a kind of illegal app that doesn’t have permission to place there. That’s why you need to download from a third-party source.

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PPSSPP Gold Apk Information

App Nameppsspp-gold-psp-emulator.apk
App Size25.79MB
App Version1.4.2
App Type.apk
Total Downloads2,400,000
App SourceClick Here

List Of Supported Games


PPSSPP Gold Emulator plays all PSP games on your device. As you all know that everything can’t be perfect 100%, needs to improve quality day by day. The Same case is with this app. There are some games that are working on mobile devices which are the following:

  • Worms
  • Lumines
  • Wipeout
  • Soul Calibur
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Little Big Planet
  • Final Fantasy: Type-0
  • Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS
  • Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
  • Persona 2, Persona 3 Portable
  • Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator
  • Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake
  • Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6

There are some games that have the minimal possibility to play on some devices such as,

  • Ghost Rider
  • Super Mario
  • Metal Slug XX
  • Battlefield 3
  • Burnout Legends
  • Tales of the World

PPSSPP Gold Apk Availability

There is a piece of good news for game lovers who love to play games at a leisure time to reduce their boredom. It is available for almost all mobile devices such as,

  • Android Phones,
  • Windows Phones,
  • iOS devices, and
  • Blackberry 10.

You can get this APK on your mobile device, whichever you are using. If you want to play PSP games on your phone in a better mean, then you must try this app for once.

And we are providing the downloading link for all platforms in the below sections.

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Features of PPSSPP Gold Apk

ppsspp gold apk

ppsspp gold apkppsspp gold apkppsspp gold apkCredits – PPSSPP.org

Are you curious to know about the Gold APK features that what the heck it’s providing for gamers? Hmmm, calm down, keep patients, I’m just about to tell you each and everything about its features.

Here you go,

  • It can play all PSP games on the broader screen with better quality.
  • The latest update fixes the music issues and other major bugs.
  • This app can connect to any available WiFi OR ROUTERS for playing online games.
  • You can customize the on-screen options as you would like to.
  • You can also use an external keyboard for playing games using this app. COOL!
  • Even you can continue the game where you have left. SUPERB Feature ever!
  • It is easy to use, easy to adopt, and easy to play complex games.
  • Now you can import all of the games which you want to play using PPSSPP Gold APK.

All features are the coolest ones. Isn’t it? Yo, happy now? Now, what’s on your mind? Are you going to use this app on your mobile or PC? Let us know in the comment section below.

Download & Install PPSSPP Gold APK for Android

Download PPSSPP Gold Apk


If you have made your mind to use this app for playing your favorite PSP games on your handy smartphone, then you need to download this APK from the third-party resource.

In this section, you can download this app for installing on your smartphones. Download Latest PPSSPP Gold APK for Android from the below link.

Once you download this APK file, then you may need these steps to install it on your Android device successfully. Here you go,

   Download Here


The very first step is to go to the Settings section and Enable Unknown Sources from the Security and Privacy section. Just enable from there, and you are good to go with the further process.

ppsspp gold apk



Now navigate to the desired location where you have downloaded the APK file. Now, tap on the APK file.

ppsspp gold apk



The newly opened windows will ask you whether you want to install this app or not. Tap on install option.




Now the installation process will begin.

ppsspp gold apk



After installation, an icon of this app will show on your screen. (You can click on the open option to launch this app on your mobile phone.)

ppsspp gold apk


That’s it from this section. I hope you got this right and installed it, as I told you above. Now you can enjoy all PSP games with this app in high HD quality.

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Download & Install PPSSPP Gold Apk for PC

In this section, you can get the downloading link of the PPSSPP Gold Apk for your PC. If you would like to play PSP games on your PC, then you need to download this APK file from here.

Enjoy the latest PPSSPP Gold Apk downloading link from the below-mentioned tab. Just download and save into your PC then follow the below steps for installing. Here you go,


Have you got the Android Emulator on your PC? If not, then please download one of the Bluestacks Emulator on your PC and install it.


Now open the Android Emulator and install the above-downloaded file out there.


The installation process is the same as for Android users.


Now you may need to keep the PSP games on your PC. Then you may need to import the PSP game file by using the ‘Import Windows File’ option if you are using Bluestack Emulator.

Now enjoy PSP games on your PC.

That’s it. It was so easy to download and play games by using this APK. I hope you may now enjoy your favorite games.

What’s Extra in New Update?

Old versions have some issues regarding cheat code, over the scroll, JAK and Daxter shutdown issue, and compatibility. This badly needs to fix it in upcoming updates.

So, here is what the developer is fixing in new updates.

  • Cheat Code bug fixes in the latest update to make the quality better.
  • JAK & Daxter shutdown issue has been resolved now.
  • Compatibility fix with some Power VR devices.
  • Added some Mersenne Twister modules and Adler32.
  • Fix the over scroll and save the state scroll issue.

Now you may feel comfortable while playing games using PPSSPP Gold Apk on your Android devices.

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How To Use PPSSPP Gold PSP Emulator?



Sometimes we encounter the usage of apps after installing them on our smartphones because of its complicated design. No matter, you reached this point but didn’t know about the usage of this app is like this app doesn’t go to help you out in the future.

To know about how to use this app on your Android device, please follow the below steps.


Open this app from your front screen wherever its icon located.


Now download the PSP games in ISO 0r CSO Format on your phone.


After downloading PSP games, change the directory location of this app. You can place the game ISO in SD Card or wherever you would like to put it.


Now open PPSSPP app on your phone, then go the games and find the location of that PSP game that you want to play. Hit that ISO file, and you are ready to go with that selected game.

I hope it helps you. If still not, then don’t worry about exploring this app as much as you can to know it in more depth. However, it’s super easy to use, just like a piece of cake.

Enjoy PSP games in high quality on your Android device and share this idea with your friends.

Final Words: PPSSPP Gold Apk

Did you like the above article, which is all about playing PSP games using PPSSPP Gold Apk? I hope you liked the guide and would refer to your friends as well.

If you are fond of games, then you may need to know about this app as much as you can. In my opinion, this app will surely bring new features in upcoming updates.

Just stay tuned with us for more updated articles and guides about the latest APKs.

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